Surviving a busy work week during half term

Colouring pencils to survive half term holidays

How do busy, working parents survive the half term holidays? Whether you have annual leave to spare or if you simply cannot afford to take the time off due to…

How to work smarter, not harder

Man at desk working smart

“Hard working individual”… have you heard that before? Like most of the population you probably have this written on your CV – but what does it mean? Does working hard…

7 hacks to a germ free office

How to have a germ free office

The cold weather has changed a few things around here at UK Office Direct. We’re all a bit colder in the mornings and a few of us have the sniffles….

Boost your confidence at work with power poses

Amy Cuddy Power Poses blog breakdown

You may have seen the TED Talk by Professor Amy Cuddy, or you may have heard about power poses. Perhaps you even unconsciously perform a power pose every now and…