Back To School Tips For Parents

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We’ve all been chilling out for the last six weeks, getting dressed when we feel like it, the kids are hardly aware that there is an actual time of…7am.
Well hang on in there and get ready for blast off, the holidays are ending and its back to the old routine.

Getting to school on time doesn’t have to be a monumental battle against the clock, with constant shouting and screaming, check out some of the tips below, you only have to keep it up for the next six weeks until half-term, and a well-deserved break.

Put The Date on The Calendar

Remind everyone when it’s going to happen – younger children sometimes don’t have a clear concept of time, especially during the holidays.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Rest

Well, it’s time to get back on track after we have been relaxed about bedtime during the holidays, in their first week back at school it’s important they get their early nights in, and plenty of sleep. Come to think of it, maybe you could do with an early night as well.

Load Schoolbags The Night Before

Assemble dinner money, and any letters needed for permission to do, or excluding activities, and put everything into the schoolbag by the front door.

Lie Out and Check School Uniform The Night Before

You don’t want to be running in circles looking for matching socks at 7.30 in the morning. This goes for you too, deciding what to wear when you’re up against it can be counterproductive.

Make Sure The Holiday Homework is Done

If there is any work that has been set, check it the previous night and, put in the schoolbag that is already by the front door. Googling against the clock first thing in the morning will only result in F grades.

Work Out a Routine

Explain what you expect every morning and stick to that routine. Young children don’t have a great sense of urgency, so getting them up in time with no panic and rush will help things run more smoothly. Rule 27… No TV, or it will all fall into non-responsive slo-mo.

Brace Yourself

If it’s a hot shower, a cup of coffee or a little meditation that’s need to get you into the day, make sure you leave yourself enough time for this. Don’t whack the snooze button and hope for the best, you will be late!

Packed Lunches

If packed lunches are needed, prepare as much as you can the night before. Do you really want to be juggling sandwich fillings at day break?

Set The Breakfast Table The Night Before

Make sure no-one skips breakfast, studies show that a morning meal is essential for good concentration levels. Train all kids to help with the clearing up, even five year olds can move cutlery and crockery from one place to another, this can give you more time for organisation (or maybe another cup of coffee)

Keep Calm

Going to school for the first time, into a new school year or class, or moving on to senior school, can be worrying, and the change of pace from the holidays can also seem daunting. Approach the change with a positive attitude even if you are nervous on behalf of your child, they will take their cue from you. Reassure them that it’s normal to feel a little scared, but that once they get used to the changes things will settle down.

Plan a Treat

Organise something exciting for the end of their first week, so there is a focal point to aim for.


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