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A look back at old and recent kids TV shows about arts and crafts (Tony Hart, Art Attack, Smart, etc) reminds us that we can use things from the supplies cupboard to recreate the TV show projects for fun and practical use at the office.

Of course, we all know the old bean and soup can upcycling trick to make  quirky desk top storage, simply sand down any sharp edges on your empty tins with sandpaper, and wash and dry thoroughly before painting, or covering them with card and fabric to your heart’s desire.

Folks have been getting crafty with office supplies for decades. Perhaps it’s the desire to be creative even at the office, or maybe just the plethora of free materials found in your office’s stationery cupboard. Whatever it is, go for it! Regular old clear tape has become a go-to for DIY nail art across the web, pencil erasers are now known for being the best polka dot stamps around.

Check out some other repurposing ideas you will find more detailed instructions on the net.

Floppy disc desk tidy

You knew you were holding on to those old floppies for a reason, right?  Take your hot glue gun, or small cable ties, and form them into an open topped storage cubes. Great for plant pots as well.


There must be thousands of old CDs laying around just begging for  makeovers, think decorated coasters, look for kits to turn them into funky clocks, as well as hanging suncatchers incorporating brightly coloured beads. Cut the CDs into little squares and other shapes, and you have a whole mess of mosaics to bling up your canvas pumps or stick them on a polystyrene sphere to make a great disco ball.


Or trombones, as they are called in France. There are a hoard of ways to embellish larger paperclips to make custom place markers for planners, notebooks and recipe binders. You can use tassels, buttons, ribbons, and modelling clay, have fun!  Check on Pinterest for ideas on making statement bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all made from paperclips

iPad case

This is cool one; a bubble mailer is the perfect object to upcycle for this diy project, because, not only is it the ideal size and shape for a tablet, but its very function is to protect your stuff! So next time you receive a package in the mail, keep the envelope, cover it with your favourite fabric, wallpaper or even newspaper and you’ve got a custom case for your iPad, iPod, or phone. Job done!

Modern Art

Even the artistically challenged can make modern, graphic artwork using office supplies. Use your unused round, square, rectangle, and triangle self adhesive labels and coloured tapes to create some awesome Mondrian inspired art for your office space. The only limits are your creativity!

Keyboard keys

Yes check it out!  We all must have old computer keyboards and laptops knocking about, use the separate numbers, letters and icons to make custom cufflinks, earrings and necklaces, and to decorate almost anything, check online for some imaginative uses.

Fold Back clips

There must be two hundred of these little fellas, in all colours and sizes, sitting in your drawer as we speak. Put up a taut piece of string and use the clips to hang artwork and photos. They can also be used as money clips, cuff links, key rings, and cycle clips, as well as keeping scraps of paper together to make jotter pads.

Milk Bottles

While we are at it, you can cut clean plastic milk containers to the required depth to make handy compartments and pots to keep the inside of drawers and cupboards tidy.

Metal Filing Cabinets

Getting a bit off the wall here, you can find instructions on the net to turn your old metal filing cabinet into a “food smoker”, not in the office though!

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