Happy 5th Birthday iPad

The iPad was five years old last month, are they still viable?

Do you remember? Apple launched its iPad in April 2010, with the intention of bringing tablets to the party the way the iPhone influenced the Smartphone market. Now, as phones have grown in size and power, it seems that tablet sales have slowed.

Half a decade ago, a time when there were no such things as phablets, or even selfie sticks, the iPad became a shining star, and the whole world became extremely excited. We all started reading digital newspapers on them (thus saving the decline of the newspaper industry), and the second screen culture became abundant, everything was tablet-sized.
Fast forward to the present, the scene has changed somewhat. The tablet market seems to have taken a snooze, and while we still see foreign visitors posturing awkwardly with their large iPads to take pictures, we seem more likely to be reading our enlarged smartphones on the way to work.

How are we still using our tablets?

Watching iPlayer and You Tube just seems more comfortable in your lap, shopping from the comfort of your bed is good fun, and how much of your life has been lost to Candy Crush? We are still on Twitter and Facebook and using video communications such as Skype and Facetime, not forgetting reading newspapers, books, and comics as well as using the online library services. Maybe you just use yours as a paperweight.

Tablets still seem to keep kids amused and sitting quietly in restaurants (they are also the best and cheapest babysitters), supplying on screen entertainment with an ever increasing supply of innovative games and apps. We are told that youngsters these days are becoming confused by traditional magazines, because the pages don’t move, and they aren’t interactive.
If you still have diminutive smartphone with a great camera, and all your devices are connected to a Cloud, it’s a cinch to download your images, edit and manipulate them on the larger tablet screen using some of the great apps that are available on all platforms.


Author: Brin

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