How to Improve Office Morale

Well, winter’s probably over, they tell us spring is here (we’ve changed the clocks anyway), now’s the time to give ourselves a good old kick up the jacksey, and get on with living. This includes improving our lot at the office as well.

Start in a good mood

If you’re not feeling great how can you inspire the others? So, on the way in to work whack your favourite invigorating track way up high on your car player, or smartphone, and do a few skips, jumps, and spins before grabbing the handle to the office door. You’ll be up there!

Think positively.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, this will help to improve your mood and outlook. If you can keep this up, you’ll quickly find that you will be able enhance your emotional state not only at work, but in your whole life. You may also find this can be infectious to your colleagues.

Lend a helping hand.

Getting the whole team involved in a charity event could improve the happiness of everyone in the office. Being involved in volunteering activities and helping each other at work will also promote a sense of worthiness.

Be aware of the good things.

Contentment doesn’t always come from acquiring something you don’t have, try acknowledging and appreciating what you do have. Think of things you’re grateful for and love, this will educate your brain to focus on constructive thought.

Enjoy yourself.

This does not mean disregarding your obligations, coming to work with a more positive attitude and highlighting the tasks that are more fun for you will help brighten your mood. Remember, your job does not define who you are, but your approach does. So take a check on how you are feeling and if you don’t like it… change it!

The Social Side

It is often said that in successful enterprises there is a high level of affability between colleagues, but there is a fine balance between getting together socially, and making everybody enjoy themselves. Encouraging the whole team to be involved in the plans for events may help to create functions most of you would really like to attend.

Make sure no one is forgotten on the birthdays and special events list, and arrange cakes or other treats for the team to enjoy on the day.

Tap into the senses

Light and smell affects motivation and attitude as well. The impact of an aroma placed around the office or improving the lighting may be hard to quantify with the boss, but if you tell him it could unlock new levels of productivity, who knows? You could also bring a little nature into the environment; plants aid concentration, increase wellbeing, and remove contaminants.


The dynamic between work colleagues is often at the centre of successful team morale. It only takes one or two cynical, sullen team members to bring the whole team crashing down to earth and upset the equilibrium; Team building exercises are a good way of ensuring this doesn’t happen.

There can be fun days out too; go-karting, paintball games, rope courses, a night at the pub or a good meal all make a welcome break from the traditional working day from time to time, and if the management go for it, they are usually rewarded by better team camaraderie and performance.

Increasing benefits

Everyone would love a pay rise, but with a little research you could find alternatives to suggest to the CEO, that would bolster the general morale without costing the earth. Maybe offering everyone, a one off extra day of leave might not be too drastic for a start.

Although most of us would far prefer to be out revelling or on holiday, than bringing home the bacon, it could just make life more bearable if we could find the means to enjoy our work, rather than loathe it.

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