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It’s no secret that most people dread the first day after the weekend. But Monday doesn’t have to be a drag, it’s a fresh start. Each new week brings an opportunity for limitless potential. No matter what you were facing last week, this is a new one; just make sure you start it off right. If you procrastinated last week, Monday gives you another chance.

Woo-Hoo for second chances! This is how you do it:

Wake up with a smile

This may seem a bit daft, but worth a try. It’s a way to tell your brain that today is going to be a great day. Think of something that makes you happy. Take a big stretch and get up and start your day.

Remind yourself how great you are

This can be a challenge as well, but like anything else, it gets easier with practice. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re amazing. Pick out one or two things that you find agreeable about yourself and acknowledge them. Also be aware of your good heath, your loved ones, and your career. Without these things, life would not be so terrific.

Get some nourishment

Make sure you have a large glass of water and a good hearty breakfast, you’ll need fuel to get through the day.

Pump up the volume

On the way to work, set your favourite track up to 10 on the car sound system, or your mp3 player, and get your juices going. Dance if you want to (but only if it is safe to do so). Before you get out of the car, jump off the bus or train, mentally say goodbye to the weekend or leave it on the seat next to you, take a deep breath and re-fix that smile.

Well at least you’ve got here

First thing on the agenda Monday morning is to give someone a compliment. This act can be a quick email appreciating a job well done, a small gift as a reward for service or simply making someone a cup of coffee, making a regular habit of appreciating others makes you feel good, and it’s a great way to kick start the week.

Next, take a few moments to think about what problems need to be solved quickly and how you can keep small distractions from sidetracking you. Make a list and work through it setting the solutions in motion.

As you add these simple ideas to your Monday routine, coupled with the power of positive thinking, you’ll quickly discover that Monday is a day you can enjoy, a day for looking round and noticing the great things that are happening around you. Anyway there’s still Friday night to look forward to.

“Can’t we skip Monday?” we hear you say, well, then Tuesday would then become the most unwelcome day of the week and so on. Making good use of Mondays helps us stop carrying stress through to the rest of the week. We solve problems as they occur rather than putting them off, and we learn how to get the most out of each and every day.


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