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Looking good on a budget comes down to how well your clothes fit. Not only do great fitting clothes do wonders for your shape, they make the overall outfit look more expensive and sharper, consequently you also feel great. You don’t need bags of loot, you just need to shop smarter.

  • Keep it Simple

Purchase items in black, brown and grey, you can wear these items several times a week, making changes with different coloured accessories, tops, or shirts and ties, without anyone noticing that you’re wearing the same item.

  • Buy Things That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Stick to classic materials and classic cuts, don’t spend on trends. Ensure clothes fit well. Tailored looks are a key feature of classy dressing. Squeezing into tight clothes isn’t cool or comfortable. Simplicity is the key, don’t be overly fussy.

  • Invest in Good Quality Clothes

Quality need not be expensive. The industry has known how to make these garments for ages, with proven measuring and cutting techniques, powerful machines, and efficient labour. Don’t spend too much, remember even the best clothes stain, tear and get shiny seats.

  • Find a Good Tailor

Yes! The easiest way to upgrade an inexpensive buy is to get it tailored to fit your body. It makes a £30 jacket look like it cost £300, and shouldn’t cost much for simple alterations.

  • Know Where and When the Sales Are Happening

Pick the right moment to look for bargains, and sign up for email alerts from your favourite stores so you know about special in-store discounts or online extras like free shipping.

  • Sharewear

Get together with buddies of similar size, whose hygiene standards are unquestionable, and set up an Office Clothes Bank.

  • Know Where to Go and Look

On the high street try Primark and H&M, as well as TK Maxx, where you can buy brands at a fraction of the normal price. Don’t be afraid of charity shops to find great ideas, especially Mary Portas Living and Giving for Save the Children, recycling really high end fashion and couture.

If you know what you are looking for, you can find so much choice and a wealth of bargains on eBay, including great vintage stuff, and don’t forget car boot sales.

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