Thrifty Tips for Seasonal Ordering

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Certain times are better than others when it comes to making some purchases, and the reasoning goes beyond just what your horoscope tells you… Obviously we all love to shop and purchase during seasonal sales, but this isn’t always practical – sometimes we need things then and there!

By following the guide below, you’ll have a better idea of what to buy, when.


Spring is traditionally the end of the financial year.

Now is the time to buy equipment and boxes for archiving and storage, as well as binding machines and accessories, files, folders and document wallets.

Look for financial pads and stationery to help with tax returns. Paper clips, staples, fasteners and adhesives will help keep things together.

This is also a good time for the keenest prices on desks and furniture for that office makeover.


During the summer, look for the best deals to help keep the office and staff comfortable.

In the hot weather, check out fans and air conditioning. This is also the time to make large purchases of bottled water and cans of cold drinks.

Source academic diaries in July, August and September. You’ll tend to find deals on anything office or school related such as pens, highlighters, pads, sticky tape and stationery for the new school year.

It might pay to restock your work space around the same time that kids are filling up their backpacks.


In autumn order all of the organisational stuff you will need for next year.

Purchase your diaries in the autumn months. Spend some time considering the size and format required, whether you prefer a hard or soft cover, case or spiral bound.

Don’t forget about wall planners and accessories, personal organisers, refills and calendars. These are all valuable accessories to help you get ahead and plan for the coming year.

Teachers and educators should order bulk art and craft supplies for Halloween and winter projects, including coloured paper and cardboard, glue, paint, and cutting tools.


In the winter time, the chill sets in.

Look for heaters to make your work space more cosy and stock up on warming hot chocolate, tea, coffee and soup for breakout areas.

Build up a stash of batteries for your torches – they seem to conk out when you least expect it. Consider upgrading desk lamps around the office as the days get shorter, and don’t get caught without replacement bulbs for all the office lighting.

It’s also the festive season – time to splash out on big tubs of chocolates, yummies, and drinks that cheer. Don’t forget snow shovels, winter safety kits and a good supply of salt to keep the car park clear so you can all get home on Christmas Eve.


A word about paper.

No office would be complete without paper. Printers and copiers need a constant supply of paper, therefore this is generally not a seasonal purchase. However, you could calculate the weights, sizes, finishes and colours you use most of, then buy as large a quantity as your budget will allow, therefore getting the best prices at any time of year. Consider recycled paper and own brands to keep costs down – there is a vast online inventory to be checked out.

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