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Do you remember a time when there weren ‘t USB Sticks?


Portable Data Storage

Taking the place of floppy disks or CDs for storage, data back-up and transfer of computer files, Memory Sticks are smaller, faster, have thousands of times more capacity, and are more durable and reliable. They have no moving parts, are immune to magnetic interference (unlike floppy disks), and are generally scratchproof (unlike CDs).

What do you call yours?

They are known under several pseudonyms such as dongles, flash-, key-, pen-, thumb-, as well as jump-drives, including pet names such as: Gordon, Tardis, or even Stubby.

What Shape?

Online you can find USB Memory Sticks manufactured in the form of the weirdest objects, including animals, thumbs, food: including sushi, guitars, LEGO, and cartoon characters, as well as high end diamond encrusted jewellery.

Files on the go

Portability is the whole idea behind the USB flash drive. As the name suggests, the product was designed for storing data on a medium that could be carried anywhere you went. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology combined with the durable solid state, rewritable memory helped this diminutive piece of kit quickly catch on, and some include added security software.

What Size?

USB sticks can go up to a capacity of 512GB or 1TB, but, 8, 64 or 128GB can still handle bulky media files and documents, and might be able to suit your portable hard drive needs. Most memory sticks are now also available with a USB 3.0 connection, allowing for maximum data transfer speeds. For example a 128GB can hold 24,500 16 megapixel photos, 28,000 4 minute songs, or 15 mins of HD video.

Some Useful Ideas:

Games Arcade

Free retro games can be great fun, but if you save files on a single computer you’re stuck playing in one location. Keeping everything on a jumpdrive will let you plug in and play wherever you can find a machine, so you can always partake in a little gaming whenever you like.

USB Flashdrive travel kit

If you’re not taking your computer but want a few important files and applications for the occasional stop at an internet cafe, a spare dongle can help you, also being a good place to keep copies of receipts, car rental agreements, and other files you might need copies of when travelling.

Make a Time Capsule

Whatever drive you use, fill it with information about the world today, and bury it somewhere in a secure, waterproof container. It’ll be a lot less work than burying a huge metal box.

Into the Mix

The art of the mix tape has been a little bit lost in the digital age. It’s fun to share playlists, and send your friends music, when you want to make a personalized gift, use a spare Key drive to bring a physical element to your creation. You can even purchase USB drives disguised as cassette tapes.
Of course there is a whole load of geeky stuff they can be used for, but with a Jet Peg in her bag: She shall have music (and documents and movies and pictures) wherever she goes.


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