A Few Career Tips

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What you read for your degree is just a subject, that’s all.

The talent you can show in other areas is the stuff that really counts.

Always show abject respect to the receptionist, especially at an interview.

In fact this is true for anyone new you meet, no matter what position they hold in the company, you can never be sure who they have access to, or chat with.

Your hidden weaknesses will trip you up.

Use any hick-ups in your career to look for grey areas. It’s challenging, but could be useful, and try asking the people who didn’t give you the job, why? This is gold plated information.

One of the main qualities to get you hired is amiability.

Employers always prefer to give a position to the person they would most like to spend time with. Aggravating characters gaining promotion are the exception, not the rule.

Maintain involvement and study in seemingly unrelated areas you are passionate about.

Even if it’s just a hobby, this could just help you stand out and appear a little more interesting, also, when that dream job appears, you’ll be already qualified for it.

Look all around you, not just up

People with a diverse list of experiences usually progress faster than people with more experience in a single discipline.

Try to be different, not better

You might not have the exact skills listed on the job description, but showing how your unique abilities could benefit the company may give you a better chance than someone with higher technical qualifications.

Your ideal job won’t turn up at the exact time you are ready for it.

Keep your eyes open and always be searching for that opportunity.

Sometimes it’s better to share credit for something, even if you did most of the work.

You’ll be forming friendships and reinforcing the team.

Do not misjudge the power of social customs.

Constantly turning down the after work drink invitation shouldn’t affect your career, but it might.

Always praise a co-worker.

You both will be made to look good. Even (especially) if they performed better than you.

Never stop learning and contributing.

Success and promotion will follow; assume that everything you do will have an effect on your employability.

Hanging out by the printer can be an educating experience.

Trust me.

Keep in contact with people who are leaving your present company.

Those connections can lead you to new opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Make sure you stay in touch.

Always help to make your boss look good.

It will be remembered when it is time for a promotion or pay rise.

Never, ever use the office microwave to cook fish.

Nuff said

You don’t progress by just doing your job well.

It helps if you can make things happen that weren’t a part of your job description.

Speak up and loud about your successes.

People higher up the food chain sometimes only see things that work, not who made them work. Make sure you get recognition.

If you need to get in favour with someone, ask for their advice.

But don’t take too much.

Don’t confuse wealth with success.

Having lots of money doesn’t always secure happiness or satisfaction.

Remember, your career is a series of events, that when strung together, forms a story, of which you are the sole author.


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