How to Implement a Great Intranet

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When executed correctly, an intranet has the potential to significantly improve your business processes and enhance the day-to-day operations of those using the system. In order to achieve these objectives, an intranet also needs to be a reflection of your organisation’s unique culture.

While a simple Intranet may only include a message board service and an internal email system, more complex Intranets may include databases and websites with company information, forms, and news. As well as personnel information, Intranets can often incorporate databases, documents, and internal websites as well.

Will You Build or Buy?

You can of course get an “Intranet in a Box”, but if you have an experienced IT and development management team it could be more beneficial and often cheaper to build your own Intranet system.

What Features Do You Need?

Every Intranet, obviously, should be easy to use, incorporate a quality search engine, and have a people directory that includes collaborative tools. Besides a means of user feedback and analytics, there must also be content and security controls, as well as the incorporation of electronic forms.

Mobile Intranet

If you have employees that sometimes work at home, or team members that work from alternate offices or work sites it is probably advisable to look at Mobile Intranet solutions.

Going Paperless

Using an Intranet will help your company to go paperless, which could save a significant amount of money. All of the company’s important documents can be published via the Intranet, and that data is easy to access as well.

Here’s some ideas to consider to help with the Initiation of an Intranet

Conduct a Survey

Ask the management and employees to find out what they consider being top priorities.

Formulate a Plan

Use the information from the survey to come up with a project plan that will include the objectives of the Intranet, as well as its potential usage for the business.

See What Software is Available

Seek out information, and evaluate some of the software available from vendors. Address important issues and contact the seller’s help desks to find out who can offer the best solution for your company’s exact needs.

Check Out Other Websites and Intranets

Find ideas on the best Intranet design aspects, and take time to review other websites and Intranets. It might also be a good idea to talk to Intranet administrators from other companies.

Engage the IT Department

They will be the backbone of the Intranet, so talk to your company’s technicians to get feedback from your IT team.

Designate Content Ownership

Designers need to know the roles of users, as well as their authorities, making it possible to provide essential access to multiple individuals within the hierarchy of the company.

Layout the Basic Architecture

You should start by using a design that is flexible, while still keeping the ability to add changes in the future.

Have an Evaluation

Once the project is completed, conduct an evaluation to get critical feedback. Use this to make the changes and updates to you may think necessary.


With all the functions and advantages it has to offer, adding an Intranet to your company could be a worthwhile accomplishment. However, it’s important to handle the implementation and adoption extremely carefully, ensuring that you enjoy the best results today and in the times to come.

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