De-Clutter Your Life (and Desktop)

It’s #OrganiseYourHomeOfficeDay so here are a few ideas to help organise and De-Clutter your Life (and Desktop)
If you don’t already have it, think about under desk storage, such as fling boxes, baskets or even order some pedestal drawers, this will keep the worktop clear and distractions to a minimum, helping with concentration and work flow.

Laptops can be just as powerful, and take up less area than desktop computers, also consider a wireless mouse and keyboard to eliminate wires from the workspace.

Run a multipoint power extension lead under the desk and into your top drawer, you can then recharge your phones, tablets and gadgets safely and out of the way.

Get a handy scanner app on your smart phone or tablet, this is a great way to deal with bulky documents electronically, keeping piles of paper down to a minimum.

Keep seldom used, as well as spare cables and cords tidy and accessible by hanging them on self adhesive hooks inside cupboard doors.

Use cable ties and hook and loop tape to keep power and computer leads tidy, there are also hundreds of helpful ideas online for organisational tasks using Velcro.

Download all the instruction manuals of the equipment, electronics, and gadgets you use, and keep them on the cloud, you can then throw the printed ones away to save space.

Cut the bottoms off washed and dried plastic milk bottles to make separate compartments in your drawers and cupboards, keeping things like spare batteries, paper clips, and other stationery items neat and tidy.

Organise your day so you are able to concentrate on one specific job at a time. Our brains really aren’t wired to multitask, you may think you are being productive, but having too many balls in the air at one time is just doing lots of things badly, becoming muddled and exhausted.

Open your post standing next to the shredder, you can then dispose of the unimportant stuff and junk mail immediately.

Keep a notebook and write everything down. Your objectives, things to do, books you want to read, and terrific ideas that just happen to pop into your head.

If it’s down on paper, it doesn’t need to be in your head, releasing valuable brainpower. It also makes it easier to retrieve something you thought of three days ago.

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