Spring Cleaning in the Office

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The sun shone for more than 3 hours a day last week and the temperature went up to 10 degrees, whoopee, spring is on its way! The grey, grimy, grubby days of winter are behind us.

So lets get to it!
Have a #SpringClean around the office, everyone will feel happier and more productive with a fresh and healthy workplace.

Stock up on disinfectants, all purpose cleaners and polishes, to make your surfaces shimmer, your washroom wonderful, and give a fine finish to your floors.

Here we go

This is a good time to order a new powerful vacuum cleaner to give floors and carpets the once over, fit the crevice tool (don’t you just love the sound of that) to get into those corners, behind cupboards, and hard to reach places. The curtains or blinds, if you have them, will need some attention as well.
Dust off stacks of books and files and return them to their proper places, then remove everything off of desks, shelves or table surfaces and get everything spic, span and spotless with disinfectants, all purpose and hard surface cleaners, most are available in sprays or handy wipes, don’t forget the tops of printers, computer towers and filing cabinets.

There will always be a need for drying, wiping, polishing and mopping up spilled coffee, so to help with these and lots of other cleaning jobs, stock up on hand towels, tissues and dispenser refills, bearing in mind the softness, absorbency and strength needed for each task.

Just look at that food flecked monitor and keyboard full of crumbs, we know that you have been working through lunch all winter long, just to impress the boss. But now is the time to get some cotton buds, compressed air spray, and disinfecting wipes, or a complete computer cleaning kit to restore it all, and you, to healthy, hygienic happiness.

While we are talking about monitors, a dirty screen causes eye strain, and distorts vision. Special attention is needed when cleaning flat screen monitors and televisions along with laptops and tablets, so find the correct wipes, sprays and microfibre cloths specially designed for this delicate task, they will relieve your viewing headaches and help you see clearly now the grime has gone.

Let’s talk about telephone hygiene! The build up of bacteria over the cold months can be beaten with telephone cleaning wipes, available in economical tub dispensers and convenient sachets, perfect for removing germs and grunge from shared items, leaving phones, headsets and microphones pure and fresh.

What about all those business cards (the contacts are all in your smartphone anyway), the colourful stock of pens, calendars, and promotional coffee mugs, all this free booty is taking up too much space, chuck it! Don’t feel guilty, none of this stuff is at all useful, learn to say ‘no’ to freebies and keep clutter from your desk.

The sweet smell of success! If things have got a bit whiffy over the dark days, check out air fresheners to control odours, look for hand sprays or automatic dispensing systems that supply attractive fragrances to refresh the atmosphere of your office areas and washrooms. Think about disinfectant and odour neutraliser for waste bins as well.


Do you have any handy office cleaning tips? Let us know below…


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