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Before getting started with the Seasonal Craft Fest it might be good to look around and check which tools and supplies you require. Look for good pairs of scissors and craft knives, for precise cutting as well as a ruler for a guide.

For assembly purposes you’ll need sticky tape and adhesives. A mountain of tack is always handy and a strong glue or stapler makes fastening quick and easy. A big ball of string never goes astray either.

Order in a good supply of coloured paper and card, kitchen roll for spills and cleaning up, and aluminium foil, which always has its uses. It pays to get a big box of tissues to wipe away any winter cold symptoms, cake debris and – of course – tears of joy and laughter.

DIY Office Decorations

Paper Chains

It’s easy to make paper chains from strips of coloured paper, and these instantly make the office look decorated and festive. Simply stick or staple a strip 25mm x 150mm end to end to make a loop, pass the next strip through this to make a link, then fasten. Vary the colours to make brighter decorations and carry on until you have the desired length. Hang the chains around your office – or even better: from your office Christmas tree!

Paper Lanterns

Take a piece of paper – A4 80gm will do the job – or card for added strength, and fold it in half lengthwise. Cut slits along the folded edge but not all the way through. Take the shorter ends and fold them together then glue, tape or staple the ends together and push down to make the lantern shape. If you used a piece of A4 paper, make a handle 6″ (15 cm) long and 1″ (2.5 cm) wide and attach. You don’t need a handle if you are using string.


There are various sites online where you can find free templates to use to make angels, snowmen, reindeer and Christmas trees. Most of them are relatively simple and don’t require too many Try this YouTube demonstration ‘How to Make a Christmas Tree from Paper’ and these creative DIY Christmas ornament tutorials, here.

Old CDs

Every office has old, unused CDs lying around! Buy some clear plastic baubles then cut up a bunch of CDs and hot glue gun them onto the baubles to make mini disco-balls to hang off your tree. These also make sweet, inexpensive gifts for workmates and friends. 

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