Stocking up for Christmas

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Be prepared for the annual onslaught and get ahead of the madness of Yuletide.

Get Busy

You’ll need stacks of coloured paper and card for creating decorations and invitations (don’t forget the envelopes), gift tags and festive stationery.

Make stockings for all your staff and fill them with inexpensive items such as pens, erasers, pocket staplers, small desk accessories and handy gadgets including USB sticks or little LED torches. You could also include a few sweets and goodies.

For gift wrapping make sure you have enough sticky tape and dispensers, scissors for cutting shapes and gold/silver markers for writing Christmas cards and gift tags.

Embrace the Spirit

Order some photo printing paper and set up a fun, festive photo booth with seasonal props and backdrops. Take a picture of each member of the team and print them out to produce a Christmas Rogues Gallery.

Get some blank certificates and print everyone an employee award for presentation at the office Christmas get-together. Make them as funny or as serious as you like!

A New Year is Nearly Upon Us

If you haven’t got them in yet, now is the last chance to order calendars, diaries and planners. Make sure there is a supply of your favourite hardback notebooks and pads, as well as post-it notes.

Coming back down to Earth, it might be good to order extra hygiene wipes, paper towels, and cleaning products. With all the festivities around the office there’s sure to be extra cleaning that needs doing and it pays to give the office a good going over if you’re closing over Christmas and New Year’s.


The time between Christmas and the New Year can be difficult for deliveries. Be prepared by making sure you have a good stock of essentials such as printer cartridges, writing implements and A4 paper on hand. Ample supplies of tea bags, tins and sachets of coffee and hot chocolate are also important, as well as water and soft drinks for rehydration after the celebrations.

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