How To Love Your Job

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Asking yourself why you do your job is ok

This awareness can lead to greater job satisfaction, increased sense of well being and a little more control over what you do. It could signal that it’s time for a change, don’t be afraid, it’s not bad, it’s just different.

Try these tips to bring joy to your job and maybe improve your personal vision.

Concentrate on what’s happening now.

Stop worrying about situations that may never happen, thinking about the worst case scenario will apply mental as well as physical stress, expending energy that would be better used in more productive ways. The next time you have a feeling of negativity, ask yourself whether this is a real or imagined situation.

Make yourself think positively.

When a negative thought comes into your head replace it with a positive one, this will help to improve your mood and outlook. If you can keep this up, you’ll quickly find that you will be able enhance your emotional state not only at work, but in your whole life.

Lend a helping hand.

Try getting involved in volunteering activities or helping your co-workers, this could help promote a sense of achievement. In fact getting the whole team involved in a charity event could improve the happiness of everyone in the office.

Hit the “pause” button.

It’s important to recognize when your mind and body need a break. You may like your job, but, stress can get on top of you and make you unhappy. Take a few days leave, maybe find an after work or weekend activity to have fun. Switching completely off now and again can also have advantages.

Be aware of the good things.

Contentment doesn’t always come from acquiring something you don’t have, try acknowledging and appreciating what you do have. Think of things you’re grateful for before you start work, or when you leave at the end of the day, this will educate your brain to focus on constructive thought.

Look upward.

See if there are positions further up the work ladder for which you could go after. If there doesn’t seem to be, look for additional responsibilities and challenges, learning new skills in your current role will also add a fresh approach to your job.

Take the Challenge.

Forget the everyday monotony of your job, open your eyes again to what you actually do and possibly find new ways of approaching it so that it becomes new and exciting. This could mean reinventing yourself so that you front your usual tasks in a new light. Determine the chores you enjoy and those you don’t, and then find ways to make the unpleasant ones more acceptable.

Remember, you are doing a great job.

Recognise that you have an important role in the scheme of things, everyone plays their part, so be proud of what you are doing.

Enjoy yourself.

This does not mean disregarding your obligations, doing the job with a more positive attitude and pinpointing the parts that are more fun for you will help brighten your mood. Take note that your job does not define who you are, but your approach does. So take a check on how you are feeling and if you don’t like it, change it. You have the power.
If you can’t be in the job you love…

Love the job you’re in.



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