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It is now suggested that sitting down for large portions of the day is extremely bad for your health, so, why not try some simple exercises that can be carried out at your desk!
Finding a regime that exercises and stretches all parts of the body, will improve your flexibility and—even better—your sense of wellbeing and self-esteem.

Indications are that periodic workplace stretching may reduce pains, and a bit of exercise at your desk can relieve both physical and mental stress. An office makeover isn’t necessary to reap benefits from a deskercise routine, some studies even found that just imagining yourself performing an action could actually increase your flexibility.
There are lots of sites online where you will find lists of in depth exercise programmes that you can do from your desk to help keep your mind and body active, but here are a few ideas to get you going:

Shrug off that Stress

By doing 10 shoulder shrugs regularly you can release any tension building up around your shoulders and neck caused by working at a desk all day. Simply raise your shoulders up towards your ears, hold for 20 seconds and then just let them drop.

Look both Ways

Rotate your head left and right (slowly) and feel those tight shoulders and neck loosen and the tension release, combine this with the shoulder shrugs and feel the full effect.

Arm Stretches

Push your arms out them bring across your body, designed to release the stress and tension in the shoulders, making you feel more flexible, and less stressed.

Leg Raises

Designed to stretch the legs and improve your posture. Point your toes up and stretch your calves out at the same time. If you’re sat at a desk for the majority of the day you will this will really help.

Keep it handy

Your hands are whizzing about all day both on and off the keyboard so it’s important to include them in your routine. Stretch your fingers out and then curl them back into a ball this will release tension in the hands, making them more flexible, if you do a lot of texting this is an absolute must.

Don’t forget to smile

A smile uses 17 muscles, 26 less than a frown. This means that by simply smiling you’re helping to keep yourself relaxed, you can do this anywhere and it’s contagious. Try smiling when on the phone and you’ll notice that you appear more sunny and welcoming.

If you don’t want a full blown workout here are a few ideas that may help

Walk, don’t email! Instead of sending an email replying to the person sitting across the office, or just down the corridor – get up from your desk and go to them!

If you have a swivel chair at your desk, a few twists, stretches, and turns could be beneficial.

Use the stairs, very simple but effective.

Try standing at your desk now and again, this may help with circulation.

Better still, if you have a couple of thousand quid to spare you could invest in a trendy, new fangled Treadmill Desk!


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