Keeping Warm in 2016

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Most of us think winter is miserable, and it can have a real impact on our mood and health. The best way of keeping yourself well during the chilly months, is to stay warm. Most offices are heated to suit the comfort of an 11 stone, 40 year old bloke, what do you do if that’s just not you? Read on:

Keep moving

Activity generates heat and helps to keep you warm, so try to keep moving when you’re in the office, and not sit still for more than an hour. If you’re not shy, trying some desk-based exercises by simply moving your arms and legs and wiggling your toes will get your circulation going. But remember to speak to your GP before starting any exercise plan.

Eat well

It’s important to make sure you get enough food in winter, and hot meals and drinks will help to keep you warm. Keep a constant supply of tea, coffee and hot soup at the ready, as well as a stash of high calorie goodies. If you have a microwave in the office, it’s probably healthier to bring in more nutritious stuff to nuke for hot meals.

One popular online supplier can offer you an Electric Heating Lunch Box, Meal Heater and Personal Food Warmer, that promises to cook hot dogs, rice, grilled sandwiches, and soups, stews, and pizza slices in minutes. They tell us it is made of ABS material, totally nontoxic with removable inner containers for easily separating different dishes. Just the ticket!

Dress accordingly

Keep a spare cardigan or jumper (or two) at the office, and maybe some thick socks, if you’re only wearing it at work it doesn’t matter if they match your outfit, so they can be any colour.  Just don’t forget to take these garments and other winter warming attire home every now and again for laundering!

Gloves – why not! Consider keeping a pair of fingerless gloves in your desk drawer, to come in handy while reviewing documents, when you’re just staring at the screen and using your mouse to go from one to another. (Oh, the glamorous lives we lead!)

Come to think of it, wrapping yourself in a colourful Indian blanket would work as well as anything.

Utilise your spare USB sockets

Our friendly online supplier mentioned earlier, as well as many others, can supply a multitude of gadgets powered by the humble USB lead, helping us endure nippy November through to frigid February. Look for: USB gloves, booties and foot warmers, USB warming blankets and scarves, heated mice and mouse pad, as well as a USB cup warmer and hub.

Whilst you are online, be sure not to miss: heated seat cushions to keep your buns warm, snug fleece covered headphones, and heated trousers- everyone’s favourite at £70-£150.

A year from now you’ll wish you started today.

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