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Then comes January. We’re crying at how much we’ve overspent on people we don’t normally see during the year and our waistlines are feeling a bit heavier, having added a few extra pounds overindulging during the festive period. Time to get a grip!

Here are some top tips to help get you motivated

It’s all about you                                                            

It’s about feeling fit and alive, turning your back on sluggishness, starting fresh and oozing with confidence. It’s about radiance and zest, and having a superabundance of that old fashioned energy. Looking stunning, feeling stunning, never-felt-so-alive, finally becoming who you were meant to be; Vibrant and unstoppable! Well…do you need more motivation?

Find an activity that you enjoy

There are so many fun ways to get moving. If you’re bored of running the same route or going to the same class every week, try something new. Mixing it up will not only help to keep you motivated, but it will also challenge your body in different ways as well.

Find a friend

Having a friend to workout with is the best way to stay committed to your fitness plans. Ditch the coffee shop catch up and meet at the gym or workout in the park instead.

Get the kit

Treat yourself to some new fitness gear. If you’re training outside, it’s a good idea to invest in some long sleeved tops and a light weight waterproof jacket. Then you’ll have no excuses to skip your workout on a grey morning.

Make your health a priority

Exercise isn’t just the poor person’s plastic surgery; it is also great for your mind & body. Eat well, make sure you get enough sleep, and enjoy being active; walking, dancing, bike rides etc, it all counts. Keeping fit and healthy is a lot cheaper than therapy!

Get Going

There are uncountable regimes you can find on the net, but following one of the ideas below each day through January could help with your plan, it doesn’t matter how slow you go, you’ll still be going faster than the guy on the couch.

Always warm up before exercise, and cool down afterwards with some stretching.


Jump ropes boost your metabolism and maximize your calorie-burning potential. If you don’t have one, fake it and simply jump (or run) on the spot. Seriously, you might feel a little daft, but jumping in place for a minute is killer (and easier than dodging a rotating rope).


Slow it down and work your muscles while lengthening them, yoga workouts flow, to help you get long and lean. It’s perfect for stretching tight muscles while working your arms and core in surprising new ways.


It’s time to combine some booty-toning hills with some calorie-torching cardio to work your backside. Working the incline on the treadmill targets your hamstring and glutes. These workouts combine bursts of running with quick hilly walking as you play with speed and incline. It moves so quickly that there is no chance for you to get bored.


Add some weights to your workout plan to build more metabolism-boosting muscle; this will help you get sleek and strong, and leave you dripping with sweat and toned all over (remember…sweat is fat crying!). Grab a set of medium weights, press play, and bring it on!

Baked bean tins

Why buy expensive equipment or join a gym when you can get fit for free in the comfort of your own home? Look on the net and you will several sites that utilise the ubiquitous tin of beans for a workout.

Take a rest day once a week

After all, a day off allows your muscles to recover, rebuild, and become stronger. But rest days don’t just mean sitting around. To speed your recovery, and get your blood flowing to help feed your weary muscles, take yourself for a 20-minute stroll, and then give your muscles some TLC with rolling and stretching, maybe eve splash out on a massage.

A year from now you’ll wish you started today.

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