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Let’s face it, in these times of austerity we should all be watching the pennies, it only takes a little bit of thought, so check out some of the ideas below and start saving a few bob.

Use Comparison Sites

Find the cheapest supermarket prices, so you can get the best deals, or give Aldi and Lidl a try to see how much you can save on your weekly shop.

Use Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Transfer debt from your current credit card that charges a high rate of interest, to one that charges 0% interest.

Buy Own-Brand Goods

At the supermarket, quite often, (well sometimes) these non-branded options can taste quite good.

Cancel Your Gym Membership

Take exercise in other ways, or find a gym where you can pay as you go, thus escaping those exorbitant annual contracts that you will hardly use.

Switch Energy Suppliers

It’s a simple process to find an online comparison tool for checking if you could save money by going over to another energy company.

Use Discount Websites

Sites like, and offer daily deals and discounts on events, activities, travel and restaurants, to name but a few.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Keeping pots of herbs in your kitchen can save you money on having to repeat purchase packs of herbs. Growing from seed can be even more cost effective.

Ditch The TV Licence

If you watch catch-up TV you do not need a licence, so BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 on Demand and ITV Player are all free to use if you are watching shows that have already been broadcast. You also do not need a licence for watching DVDs and videos or using sites that stream films.

Don’t Buy Bottled Water

Fill up a re-usable bottle with tap water. Not only is buying bottled water bad for the environment, it is also extortionate!

Try Remortgaging Onto A Better Rate

It’s not a good option for everyone, but if you do your sums and check the details there are great savings to be made.

Get a Supermarket Loyalty Card

Tesco’s ClubCard, Sainsbury’s Nectar Card and Boots Advantage card, among others, offer points for every item purchased in store. This can then be turned into money off your next shop. Tesco, for example, will exchange their ClubCard points for to up to 4X the value in vouchers to use in high street restaurants and other attractions.

Turn Electrical Appliances Off When Not In Use

Doing this, experts say, could save the equivalent of 9 to 16% of you average electricity bill.

Swap Books

Try charity shops and of course, join your local library where you can order all the books you want to read… for free!

Stop Those Expensive Take-aways.

You can knock up a really good chicken curry in the time it takes to order and deliver a take-away. It only takes a little forward thinking to buy the ingredients when doing the normal shop. You’ll have a better, cheaper meal by far.

Put Loose Change And Pennies In a Large Jar.

If you are diligent, you could have enough for a free night out when it is full.

Say No To Things You Don’t Need, Can’t Afford Or Won’t Use.

Before you splash out on something, wait a week, think about it (this really does work), and chances are you will decide that it is not really needed, found a cheaper alternative, or gone on holiday.


Old mobile phones, DVDs, CDs and clothes. There are many websites you can use to sell your old mobile phones, and you will find other sites where you can get money for your old CDs, DVDs and games. Don’t forget eBay for selling unwanted clothes and other stuff you need to get rid of.

There you go then, who knows, once you get your money saving head on, you’ll be spending the weekends foraging in the countryside.


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