National Stationery Week

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National Stationery Week is all about “Get Britain Writing”, and is running from 27th April to 3rd May, including World Stationery Day on Wednesday 29th.

The Power of the Written Word

National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery – the wonderful products which make it all possible, and give so much pleasure to so many people. Writing and the ability to write by hand matters, and is as important today as it ever was, especially in an increasingly digital world.

Get Involved

Let’s get more people putting pen to paper and writing more often – especially children – and send more letters and cards, especially to those we care for, rather than just text or email, it’s much more personal.
Despite living in a technological age, it’s still the written note rather than the digital message that gets more attention, delivering truly personal messages, and is one of the cornerstones of how we communicate with one another.

One of the aims of National Stationery Week is to get people talking about stationery and writing products. What they like about them and their favourite products and brands, and even their favourite retailers, and of course, to encourage more people to write by hand, send a letter, card or thank you note to a relative or friend, and show you care. Why not treat yourself to a new pen or notebook, or even both!

Writing by hand is becoming cool, and stationery and pens have never looked so good, you don’t need to look any further than next week’s London Stationery Show which is the biggest so far, to see just how visual and tempting stationery has become. It’s no wonder so many people say they love it.

The stationery industry is driven as much by colour and fashion, as it is by need and function. It’s a good time to take stock of what is driving the market because it is definitely in vogue, and on the up. If we take the functional role of stationery as read, we can then employ the more emotive descriptions, such as witty, stylish and trendy.

Stationery today is a real feel good product. In Britain just about everyone everywhere loves stationery, this surely because people get hooked and start using the products early on in their lives.

You can’t have too much stationery!



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