Top Tips for an Easy Work Life

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Of course we all enjoy work and never have any complaints to make, so here are a few tips to make your work day even more enjoyable and struggle-free…


Increase Your Typing Speed

Improving your typing speed could add extra hours to the week. There are some fun websites out there to help increase your wpm, and with just a few weeks of practice you could find time for other tasks.

Have a Walk

Get up every 45 minutes and move around, this helps to circulate more oxygen, so when you sit back down you will feel re-energized.

Use a Kanban Board

These help you focus by visualizing what needs to be done now and next, work in progress, and completed jobs. Physically use post it notes on a board, or look for apps for phones and tablets, as well as software for computers.

Step Into a Dream

If things are getting a bit hectic, imagine that you’re going on holiday in a few hours. It will help you to concentrate on the really important things. Then you might as well go anyway!

Take Care

Exercise, eating well, and getting enough sleep, are the best “Stressbusters”.

Be Organised!

Organise your desk/workspace, this only takes a minute, but makes a real difference.

Pick up The Phone!

Well…. We know it’s so un-cool, but if it’s going to take a whole chain of emails to sort out a problem, it could be more efficient to just make that call.

Do The Most Difficult Tasks First

Try not to start your day by doing the easy tasks, which will leave you tackling the tough stuff when your energy is expended.

Don’t Worry About Drivel

Writing an iffy first draft means that, at least you have something malleable and edit worthy.

Don’t multitask

Multitasking usually means doing lots of jobs poorly. It’s probably best to give all of your attention to one task, so that you can really crack it.

Ninja keyboard Shortcuts

Learning the best shortcuts allow you become a keyboard wizard, navigating your computer more quickly.

Time Management

Find a time management system that suits your methods, this could help with productivity, and stop you from being overwhelmed.

Fast Reply

If you can reply to an email in two minutes, do it now, letting your emails pile up can bog you down.

Ignore The Inbox

Ignore the In box when you’re really up against time, this will help you focus, and allow an unbroken period of fruitfulness.


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