The Library

Libraries are currently under attack as never before.
Quite apart from the imperatives of cutting council spending, many critics question the point of  libraries. With the advent of the internet and the ebook,  libraries are described as out-dated.

We still beleive in them and this is why:

Free Reads!

Yes, if you like a good read, don’t forget the good old library where you can get all the latest titles for free, also check out all the other services available there you might not know about or remember.
So just pop down to your nearest library or even join online, either way, it won’t cost anything.

Pick a Book, Any Book

When you join up, you will be able to search the library catalogue, manage your account, and reserve items, all online, and then pick up books you have ordered at any library in your area, you don’t have to visit until you physically pick up your selections, and can borrow several items at any one time.

Tell me a Story

You can also hire audio books recorded onto cds or tapes, and listen to someone reading to you when inserted into the appropriate player, great for long journeys or sleepless nights. Charges differ depending on number of tapes or cds used. There are also language courses available.

Sound of Music

If you have a gap in your music collection most authorities keep a large inventory of CDs, so, for a small charge, you could probably hire the whole album for less than a single mp3 track online.

Movie Night

I you prefer not to use Netflix or online streaming you can rent DVDs from most libraries at a fraction of the cost of high street lenders. If your local library doesn’t have them in stock, you should be able to order from the group’s catalogue online.


With a library membership and free software, including IOS and Android apps, you will also be able access hundreds of e-books and e-audio titles on your computer or tablet, and borrow them completely free of charge.


Most libraries allow members free use of computers for an hour each day, with printers, scanners, photocopying and faxing facilities, they could all help out in an emergency. Alternatively you could take advantage of the free wifi that is generally available, where you can get online with your own device.

Don’t Forget The Young Ones

Get the kids away from the virtual world of the computer screen, and introduce them to the real, tactile world of the library, a terrific venue for all ages, and these days they have great promotions and events directed at firing children’s imaginations.


Author: Brin


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