Don’t Dump it, Sell it!

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With Spring around the corner, the majority of us will start our #SpringCleaning, one important element of spring cleaning is getting rid of the unused old and replacing with the shiny new.

Most of us have an accumulation of unwanted possessions and stuff we no longer need or use, probably hundreds of pounds worth.

So why not have a big sort out and make a few extra bob into the bargain.

The sheer volume of items for sale highlights just how competitive auction sites can be. That unused set of mugs, spare bbq tools or talking parrot won’t attract a staggering amount of attention, but listed below are the top ten items creating the most interest, and attracting the best bids on eBay.


Consumer tech from big name brands

Anything with Apple, Samsung or Sony on it is red hot eBay property, attracting more than one search a second and an average sale price of £20.


On-trend fashion items, such as women’s clothing

Particularly popular brand names, including ASOS, Topshop and Zara, averaging six hits a minute and an average sale price of £9 for dresses.



Casio, SEIKO and Swatch are among the most popular, giving about four searches a minute and selling for around £22.



Don’t say second hand, stick this in your description and the hits flood in, giving almost three a minute and sale prices up to £18, Vintage men’s tweed jackets are popular and can make up to £50.



This children’s classic is a great favourite and practically worth its weight in gold, getting almost two hits a minute, with prices averaging £11.


Chest of Drawers

Out of all furniture items the ‘chest of drawers’ are an attractive proposition because they tend to be available at a good price, being a valuable and versatile component to a room when you have a ‘make over’. Average searches are two a minute, with a selling price of around £52.


Garden Furniture

Garden chairs, recliners, parasols, and patio sets feature strongly within this category, showing two hits a minute, and an average sale price of £154.



In the swerve towards fitness, quality brands such as Apollo, Raleigh, Shimano and Brompton, are attracting a lot of attention, having on average two searches a minute and price tags of about £85, or more for higher end products.



Clarks, New Look and Spot On are popular brands in the search for shoes, expect one hit a minute, with a sale price on an average of £10.



Who’d have thought it? With an average search rate of one a minute, people who are re decorating on a budget will look for soft furnishing and textile bargains on auction sites, expected to collect around £21.
Now get cracking, and start listing.




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